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Live Pain-Free Without Surgery or Drugs

The heavy burden of peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain can take a serious toll on your life. At Advanced Medical Centers, we know how important it is for our patients in the Jacksonville area to live a life without pain, and we proudly being you the relief that you need through Sanexas. Sanexas is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that has been cleared for use by the FDA. This treatment is backed by solid scientific research, and it has already changed the lives of many people.

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Advanced Medical Centers- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic - Jacksonville, Florida


Sanexas treats chronic and acute, drug-resistant and intractable (long-term) pain. This system provides specific-parameter signaling for muscle strengthening, efficacious neuromuscular reeducation, and muscle spasm activity relaxation.

Sanexas works on pain through a method called electric cell signaling (EST). The EST treatments work to reestablish normal cellular healing. It provides pain relief due to:

  • Ligand/hormone activity imitation

  • pH normalization

  • Improved membrane permeability

  • Trophic improvement

  • Activation of Regeneration — cAMP (Cell repair and normalization)

  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) through enhanced communication cell-to-cell


Sanexas is the only EST device published in multiple medical journals and used in clinical research proving the ability to heal tissue and regenerate nerves.

Backed by Scientific Research: Sanexas therapy’s effectiveness and benefits have been documented through more than 30 published studies, and this treatment has been cleared by the FDA.


Sanexas uses cell signaling technology that is based on the principle of resonance. Essentially, the technology fine-tunes the energy that is transferred between cells so that they communicate as effectively as possible. By doing so, the injured tissues can heal, and pain relief is significant.

In addition to improving communication on the cellular level, the electrical currents that are introduced to your body through Sanexas can improve circulation and relax muscles. This treatment can even be used post-operatively to reduce the likelihood of harmful blood clots developing in the legs.

Generally, you may expect to enjoy some relief after your first treatment. For the best results, multiple treatments may be needed. This is a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia. It is an in-office therapy that has no recovery time.

A Proven Alternative to Nerve Decompression Surgery

If you have been told that nerve decompression surgery is your only option, you owe it to yourself to learn about Sanexas through a consultation. This therapy improves nerve tissue health through internal healing, and it may eliminate the need for surgery.

The Treatment You Have Been Looking For

Approximately 90 percent of adults who have diabetes or pre-diabetes will eventually suffer from peripheral neuropathy. This equates to approximately 1.5 million new complaints of this painful condition each year. This electric cell signaling treatment has been developed scientifically and backed by studies. Electrodes are placed on the skin near the problem areas. Signal energy waves in varying sequences are emitted randomly and painlessly, and this therapy ultimately provides proven and long-term pain relief.

How Effective Is Sanexas Therapy?

In one of the many scientific studies that have been conducted on Sanexas and electric cell signaling technology, Dr. Clarence Cone at the University of Virginia determined that the technology used sustained cell membrane depolarization to elevate cellular communication by up to 500 percent. Sanexas uses the “gold standard” of this type of technology. Specifically, this treatment can increase the small nerve fibers in the targeted areas. By increasing the number of these fibers, less pain is felt.



Today’s Electrical Medicine offers a revolutionary treatment that helps to heal injured tissue without the use of drugs or surgery. If you suffer from:


  • Pain due to Neuropathy

  • Acute or chronic pain conditions

  • Joint pain

  • Post traumatic pain syndromes

  • Post surgical pain conditions

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Foot drop

  • Disuse atrophy

  • Loss of range of motion

  • Decreased circulation

Advanced Medical Centers- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic - Jacksonville, Florida

Will Sanexas Therapy Work for You?

Sanexas therapy is generally covered by Medicare and most major health insurance providers because it is known to be an effective alternative to surgery and pain medications. Specific results can vary by person. Some of the symptoms or conditions that Sanexas therapy is effective for include:

Electric Pain: Do some areas of your body feel as though they are being mildly or severely shocked? Sanexas therapy may provide effective relief.

Numbness and Tingling: If you periodically get a pins-and-needles sensation, tingling or complete numbness in the same areas of your body, cell signaling therapy could help.

A Burning Sensation: Whether your hands and feet are frequently warm or excruciatingly hot, the FDA has cleared Sanexas as a treatment.

Joint and Muscle Pain: From sore joints to cramping muscles, Sanexas therapy may be used to minimize and to ultimately eliminate related pain.

Mobility Concerns: When your nerves are not communicating properly, walking, balance and general movement can be challenging. This can be improved through Sanexas therapy.

Restless Leg Syndrome: Pain and uncontrolled movement in your legs can be difficult to live with. Sanexas is an approved treatment for restless leg syndrome.

Arthritis: Regardless of which joints in your body are impacted by arthritic pain and inflammation, Sanexas may provide much-needed relief.

Diabetic Nerve Pain: Neuropathy caused by diabetes can be severe and chronic, but relief may be available through Sanexas therapy.

You can achieve the long-lasting pain relief that you have been hoping for. Contact Advanced Medical Centers in Jacksonville for a free consultation to learn more.

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Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery


Sanexas is an FDA Cleared & Medicare/Insurance Accepted Treatment for:

The Science Behind Sanexas Therapy

Advanced Medical Centers- Neuropathy specialist, foot pain, knee pain, nerve pain, pain clinic - Jacksonville, Florida